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We are an established IT services and HRMS solutions company focusing on
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Our Story

The secret to perfection is a failure

Similar is the story of Jsimple, here's how we thrived and turned the table to work in our favor with simplicity and innovation.

Idea Conception and Jsimple's Inception

Most companies are built on an idea, so that’s what Jag Singh did with his. He planned to create the best benefits enrollment service on the market, by offering a product that was easy to use, yet powerful and efficient.

Challenges of a Startup

Since startups have limited resources, he chose the obvious path –outsourcing. He hired an outsourcing company that seemed to fit his needs, and things took their course. But then, everything went wrong.

Criticism and Fallback

Starting with the lead developer walking away, the project was delayed for almost a year. Finally, when the time came to deliver a demo, it was notoriously bad. Yet another example of practice falling embarrassingly short from theory.

Upliftment and Market Rise

Interestingly, this spectacular failure served as the catalyst for the creation of Jsimple’s IT Outsourcing wing. Our mission statement? Ensuring that every client is treated as the company’s only client and all promises are honored.

Jsimple- America's Renowned IT Services & HRMS Company

With competition-crushing benefits such as on-site skilled resources, extensive development expertise on multiple domains, unique talent in bringing management and technical teams together, an almost religious commitment to strict deadline adherence, and a 5-star offshore team, you just can’t go wrong with us. Great prices are simply the icing on the cake.